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Food Vendor Form - Word Document

Please mail to:  P.O. Box 731, Lydia, LA  70569

Food Booth Volunteer Participants Regulations

Food Teams may begin setting up assigned booth on the Friday after 1 pm.  You must set up only in your assigned booth space.  All spaces are 20'X20' and they are numbered.  Your booth area can be found by locating your team on the Food Fest program.  You will receive this at the Chef's meeting - Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the LCA building at 7205 Hwy 83 South (Weeks Island Road), prior to the Food Fest.

All teams must unload all equipment needed to serve the public at thier booth, then all vehicles must be moved to parking area from normal public foot traffic during the Food Fest.
By Law aisles for emergency traffic (such as ambulances) MUST BE KEPT CLEAR).  Vehicles will be towed!!!  

Participants are responsible for their cooking booth and all equipment such as burners, pots, chairs, tables, and all other equipment needed to cook and properly serve the public.  All food must be served under adequate shelter.

LCA will provide large hamburger containers, spoons, and napkins.

No electricity or water is readily available.  LOW NOISE generators are allowed for electrical power.  

Teams are responsible for supplying all ingredients needed to provide sanitary food for public consumption.  Food may be pre-cooked or prepared on site at the booth.

The team captain is responsible for seeing that their assigned area is kept clean during and after the event.  Please work with LCA volunteers assigned to keep trash picked up in and around the booth areas.  

No dumping of soapy water or cooking oil on the ground is allowed.  All oil must be put in securely sealed containers then placed in the dumpster.

Teams should be ready to serve by 6:00 pm on Friday and 10:30 am on Saturday.

All food products will be sold for the association by tickets only.  Tickets are in $1 (one dollar) denomination.  Keep this in mind when pricing your food items.  No Cash Sales Allowed at Food Booths.

All tickets must be turned in before you leave the park to obtain proper reimbursement for your food sales for the association.  Participants will receive $.60 on the dollar of sales to defer expenses.  The Lydia Caner Association will receive $.40 on the dollar of the sales. Team captains are responsible for turning in all tickets from sales before they leave.  All tickets must be turned in to the LCA RV headquarters.  Checks for reimbursement are normally processed on week after the Food Fest.

We would like for booths breaking down early Saturday to wait till 4:30 pm. We encourage food teams to stay open as long as possible Saturday, especially if your team still has food to sell.

Discount drinks will be available for all food teams each day 1 hour and 30 minutes before serving times.  Discount drink passes will be given out at the Chef's meeting along with Parking Passes.


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