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James Frawley Jr. Founder

The Lydia Cancer Association’s grass roots is an American Cancer Society Relay for Life team started in 1998. The team was started by James Frawley Jr. He was a cancer victim who wanted to help in the cure for cancer. He with the assistance of friends, coworkers and family started the Morton Salt Co. Relay for Life team. During the period of 1999 through 2002 the team raise in excess of $100,000 for the American Cancer Society.


In 2002 he and the members of the team saw an urgent need for financial assistance  to local cancer victims. The team’s was incorporated. This was initiated by Ronald Landry who saw the need for a legal formation of an association. The Lydia Cancer Association was formed in 2003 in time to hold the first annual Lydia Cajun Food Fest which was initiated by the association’s first president Debra Savioe. Today the Food Fest has been recognized as one of the best Festival in Iberia Parish.


 James Frawley Jr lost his battle with cancer on Sept.8, 2004, a few days before the 2nd annual Food Fest.  But today his vision of helping those cancer victims in need is being carried on. All of this aid is continually being provided to area cancer victims by an organization that is staffed by hard working volunteers.  In 2013, Lydia Cancer Association hired its first employee to manage our outreach program.


Along with the Food Fest the association now has a Fais Do Do on the day prior to the Food Fest, a published Cook Book with the aid of TV’s Tom Vionche, a Breast Cancer Walk, a golf tournament (sponsored by an outside source),  a fishing tournament, and many other activities all geared to raise funds to assist area cancer patients in their fight against cancer.


The association helps cancer patients in four parishes, Vermillion, Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary. The Lydia Cancer Association now provides financial assistance to 100's of local cancer patient each year.

MISSION:  We, the members of this organization, unite to raise the awareness of our community in the matters of the needy in respect to cancer.  Cancer awareness will become a part of each of our member's lives.


PURPOSE:  Our purpose is to seek ways to raise funds by providing local, social, and group events that fit the needs of our community.  As an organization we will focus on donating our fundraising proceeds to cancer patients in the coastal parishes of Vermillion, Iberia, St. Martin, and St. Mary of Louisiana

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